Wheels are chemically stripped in our custom built hot stripping machine using heated chemical which gently agitates to remove all of the old paint and laquer back to the bare metal. This is a more expensive method of stripping wheels than used by some companies but much safer and necessary to protect the wheels and the environment.  

Wheels are bead blasted with fine stainless steel to remove corrosion then cosmetically repaired for rim damage caused by kerbs, stone chips, marks from balance weights etc (typical example of damage & corrosion demonstrated in the photograph).  We do not use fillers but alloy weld if necessary.

The wheel is then machined to it's original specification.

Once primed, wheels are painted both sides using the latest electrostatic technology and a combination of powder coat and wet paints and at each stage baked at high temperature.

We can match to the original wheel colour or you can choose to go for a new look with a colour and finish of your choice.

Once painted a layer of lacquer is applied to help protect wheels against the elements.

Rims and face are polished as per the customers' requirements and to original specification.

The above process enables us to provide a guarantee of up to twelve months on painted surfaces (subject to conditions).

Metal valves and tyre pressure sensors:

If a wheel is fitted with a metal valve or tyre pressure sensor then we can generally remove and refit so long as they are not damaged or corroded.  If the car needs re-programming we are not equipped to do this and you will need to get this done by a specialist or dealer.

Please note:  we take all reasonable care during removal and refitting of valves and sensors but we cannot take responsibility for any damage incurred during this process